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i might have saved a little kid's life. >> the search for an 8--year-old boy ended when the woman you just heard called 911. his alleged a doctor is in jail. police say they are now looking for another accomplice. it was a frightening 12 hours. police said he was snatched off the southwest baltimore street and held for ransom. >> 20-year-old nathaniel booker is facing charges including kidnapping as the search continues for another 21-year- old man. a reporter joins us live from police headquarters. >> the happy ending to this story is a good example of the timber alert system working. tonight, we speak with the woman whose keen memory helped crack the case. it was around 7:00 tuesday morning. helen jones was on her front porch, waiting for a ride to her doctor's appointment, when something across the street matter think back to a news report about an amber colored
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monday night. >> is this the boy that are looking for? >> she would become the key to ending the frantic search for derek brown, who was stuffed in a trunk by two men. 12 hours later a few blocks away, jones looked at a vacant house across the street and saw a boy looking around outside. >> i saw the little boy and talk to my daughter different. that is the little boy they are looking for. i started dialing 911. >> derrick asked to call her grandmother -- his grandmother and said he was hungry. his captors had left him in the house. >> he was a strong little boy. we called the grandmother and they were crying. they were happy and crying all at the same time, shaking. they had me shaking and nervous. i was watching the news.
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>> police arrested one of the alleged captors, nathaniel booker. they are looking for another suspect, raheen taylor. ransom was mentioned, leading investigators to think they knew derek's family. >> it makes me feel good. when i think about it, i get choked up. i think about what could have happened. it choked me up. that is the way i feel. >> the suspect in custody faces kidnapping, assault, false imprisonment, and extortion charges. investigators are also looking into the possibility that the whole incident was over drugs, with an 8-year-old caught in the middle. wbal-tv 11 news. >> 25 baltimore county residents are looking for a place to
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sleep after fire left their townhomes with nothing more than a charge no. you can see the scene just after 2:00 this afternoon. at least 13 townhomes in the complex were destroyed. 13 adults and 12 children are displaced. despite the loss, there is a lot of optimism. >> it got real smokey. the next door neighbor started knocking on the door like we have to get out. all i know right now is that my house is gone, but i am not really worried about it. >> no residents were injured, but a volunteer fire company was taken to a hospital for heat exhaustion. it is no wonder they were battling intense smoke in 90 degree heat, a far cry from those who enjoyed a more leisurely summer day at the inner harbor.
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everyone did what they could to find some relief on the string of 90 plus days that we have been going through in maryland. much of the country is still in the grip of a heat wave. we are hoping there is relief in sight. chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer will have the temperatures and the forecast a little later in this newscast. >> a second instructor at a howard county rock climbing school is facing child sex abuse charges. the montague is accused of engaging in sexual acts with a female student. montague was aware of their age when they became involved in a consensual relationship. just last month, they arrested another instructor on charges he sexually assaulted a student. our team has learned the city has lost the ability to -- to retrieve 911 calls. this has nothing to do with emergency calls placed to 911.
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but as the investigative reporter explains, the stick recordings are critical. they are often used later as evidence. >> as a community, we need help. >> the neighborhood is in northeast baltimore. saturday, someone broke out a window and burglarized the home owned by a corrections officer. it was, the neighbors say, another in a string of break- ins that has plagued the community for months. >> the seniors are nervous. they cannot seem to leave their homes. one left, went on to the market, came back, and her home was burglarized. >> also troubling is how long it took police to respond when she called for help. >> she repeatedly called to have the police come and they did not come until 4:40. >> a full hour and 10 minutes after the first call was made. a police spokesman acknowledged the length of time in answering
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the calls, but said it was not assigned as a top priority because of the way it was reported -- as an open door in the house, not a burglary in progress. the spokesman revealed it is not possible to check the call because the city is currently unable to retrieve calls from the 911 system. calls are supposed to be easily retrieved. that has not been happening. police are trying to figure out when that part of the system broke down. wbal-tv 11 news. >> police first noticed the problem when someone asked for 911 calls about theresa rigby. the call should there according to the hard drive of the system. police tell us they were able to find the 911 call regarding -- the call regarding saturday. >> a clarification of opposition
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to the dream act. to qualify, the student must be in maryland register and their parents must pay state taxes. if all qualifications are met, the student would be granted in that state tuition to attend community college in maryland. >> we create a stronger work force. we are making higher education successful -- accessible to all maryland high school graduates, so they can contribute more. >> residents to leave the state and return within four years would also be granted in-state tuition. currently, the offer occurs just -- the offer stops one year after leaving the state. opponents mounted a successful petition drive to get it on the general ballot, where they hope voters will elect to overturn the law. >> not a positive sign from washington on attempts to rein in the nation's debt.
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>> as long as this president is in the oval office, a real solution is probably unobtainable. >> senate minority leader mitch mcconnell floated an 18 month plan to hike the debt limit, despite president obama's pledge to veto any temporary fix. the republican bill would run out exactly when the president picked term expires. if a deal is reached by august 2, $20 billion in social security benefits might not get mailed. >> with republicans pulling any new revenue of the table, democrats are going to pull entitlements off the table and we will end up with a very small deal. >> the president has called on both sides to negotiate, but so far the divide remains. today, ron paul announced he will retire from congress last year, even if his white house ambitions fail. the 75-year-old republican believes he can fight for the
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issues he believes in from outside of capitol hill. his term ends december of 2012. >> it was emerging service in california to remember former first lady betty ford. as sarah edwards explains, first ladies from the four presidential administrations were among the many dignitaries at the service. >> family and friends filed into the desert chapel to honor a woman whose influence was quiet but profound. president george w. bush escorted a fragile looking nancy reagan. first lady michelle obama set with former first ladies hillary clinton and rosalynn carter, who delivered the first eulogy. carter talked about the friend she treasured. >> she was never afraid to speak the truth. i thought she was wonderful. >> , a former director of the but the ford center -- of the
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betty ford center talked-about the way she helped remove the stigma. >> you are the one who helped us understand we can walk with god. we can walk together each and every day. and our lives will be better. what a gift. >> news commentator cokie roberts said mrs. ford had given her specific instructions for her speech. "she wanted me to remind everyone of the way things used to be. she talked about when her father, a democrat hail bob -- hale bob was the majority leader, and he and gerald ford in void -- enjoyed a french ship across the aisle. they never questioned each other's motives or commitment to the country. >> the children of betty ford joined their children and grandchildren in mourning the matriarch of their family. the world will mourn the legacy
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of a woman whose legacy offers a beacon of hope for recovery and a purposeful life. >> you can remember former first lady betty ford. we will look at her life in pictures from childhood onward. it is all on the homepage of our website, >> rupert murdoch preparing to tell his story to congress. >> one of the many twists in the hacking scandal that is rocking news cowrp -- corp in great britain. gordon brown also goes on record as a victim. >> the purpose is to remind parents and students that this is their responsibility until it interferes with learning. >> what some students can and cannot we're in school is up for debate. what parents can expect. >> it is still warm outside, but there is a cold front that will bring heat relief.
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>> they were the first in the state to ban smoking indoors. now howard county is about to ban it in an outdoor parks as well. however, they are expected to announce a ban on all smoking in all 57 park properties. the executive order will not commit -- will not extend to the state park and parks owned by the columbia association. this kind of ban is the first of its kind in maryland. >> changes are in the works for the student dress code in baltimore county. school board members discussed proposed changes, the first in more than 40 years. the ministers hoped the new policy will encourage students to dress appropriately for class while preparing them for the learning environment. a public meeting is set for next
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month before the board makes final approval. you are not seeing things. it may be a chicken crossing the road or in your neighbor's backyard. >> people raising chickens in cities is a nationwide phenomenon that has landed in baltimore. lisa robinson did some plucking around. >> chickens in the city. yes, they have arrived. and it looks like they are here to stay. in southwest baltimore, and goldie and chickpea have free reign of the backyard. been allen says before moving in, three other chickens were roaming the neighborhood. >> one was on the street corner hanging out with the drug dealers. another was in a lady's house. it would come in and watch tv with her. chickpea just decided this was a paradise. we were having a party and she stayed here for the whole party, roosted on the fence. >> in the northeast, you will
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find mr. mitchell and his family raising chickens in bellaire edison. they have four. the neighbors think it is interesting, entertaining, and strained at the same time. >> a couple of them busted loose and a couple of young guys caught them. they held them for a couple of days until they saw me, and then brought him -- brought them over. >> all the chickens seem to fit right in with baltimore. backyard chickens are part of a growing trend nationwide. >> it is becoming a new phase for people to become organic and have chickens. >> kevin counts the chickens. he is the director of animal control for baltimore city. >> right now, we have 12 registered chicken owners within the city limits. >> but he is sure there are many other city chickens. people just do not realize they have to register the birds and get a permit.
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you can only keep four chickens over the age of one month, and they have to have a move the bullpen like the one mr. mitchell has. the pen can never be closer than 25 feet to a neighbor's house. roosters are illegal. they make too much noise. >> remove it every day. chickens get fresh grass every day. they get to eat grass and move around. so they have a much better lifestyle. >> regardless of where you live, if you keep more than five birds of any type of poultry you have to register with the maryland department of agriculture. this came about after a 2004 avian influenza outbreak. keeping track of poultry helps the state locate birds if there is a problem with disease. >> the industry is well over a billion dollar industry. poultry is the single largest agricultural sector in maryland. >> how could a bird in baltimore affect a bird on the
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eastern shore or elsewhere in the northeast? wild birds and? visit your birds and then fly some distance and deliver infectious material to someone else's bird. >> the simple single way that would be obvious is someone transport's their bird to another place and it comes in contact with someone else's board. >> both the mitchells and van allen chickens get to rome and eat all the progress they can find. both are reaping fresh eggs. dan allen gets one egg a day. >> animals have a civilizing effect on people. people brought up with animals are kinder. >> back in bellaire edison, michel's 9-year-old sun is in his chicken manager. he make sure they have water, food, and exercise. all five children are getting an education and fresh eggs. >> they are happy chickens, so they make happy eggs and happy children.
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>> for eggs and for education for these children. how do you get eggs? where do you get eggs from? and to lower the grocery bill. >> growing an egg is local and it is cleaner, and it is organic. >> i think we should just enjoy the fact they can have chickens and an urban environment, and treat them with respect and kindness. >> be careful. not lett anyone -- do any fox's raid your penthouse. >> it is free to register chickens with the city. a permit will cost you $80. >> allegations continue to fly in the british hacking scandal that is wrecking parliament. from minister gordon brown claims to be a victim. he alleges are one of rupert
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murdoch of papers used known criminals to learn his son was sick with cystic fibrosis, a diagnosis the family had just heard. a parliamentary committee has summoned murdoch to testify sometime next week. >> now your insta-weather forecast with tom tasselmyer. >> it hit 93 degrees at bwi marshall, just off the record in 1998. normal is only 87. we see those normal temperatures to our northwest. as we head toward the weekend, things will settle back toward normal july levels. it is 88 degrees right now in downtown baltimore. 82 around westminster. 80's along the western shore. ocean city is still quite warm. it still feels like 91. mid 80's in many areas are still fairly common with the heat index. it is hot, muggy weather.
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we did see isolated storms crossing the lower bay and for southern maryland, moving into eastern virginia. no rain around baltimore now. partly cloudy skies overnight. warm temperatures. 72 to 84 the low. to the north and west, it is cooler in the northern lakes. some of that cooler, drier air will eventually get here tomorrow night, heading into thursday and friday. more comfortable once this front can get further south and push the heat and humidity down. this high-pressure system will pass by into the weekend. that means really nice summer weather is right on our doorstep. tomorrow afternoon, it is likely to pick up thunderstorms. skies would clear tomorrow night and the cooler air will filter in tomorrow night. stick around as we head into friday. , and most of the upcoming winter -- weekend, temperatures will stay near normal. tomorrow the last steamy day.
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west and northwest winds tend to 15, and a chance for a thunderstorm. on the bay, scattered storms and a gusty wind. small craft advisories might be issued late in the evening. when looking and out of the northwest. a cooler 76 in the mountains with a 30% chance of a shower. same basic scenario with temperatures topping 90. the front will cool things off tomorrow night. lower eastern shore, 93 and a 40% chance of a storm. he will be arriving tomorrow night. you will really feel it thursday. temperatures comfortable friday into saturday. 90 degree heat will return early next week. >> despite what the record says, the orioles made many great plays the first half of the season. we bring you the top five plus a look ahead to the second half, coming up next.
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>> baseball's all-star game continues in arizona. the national league with a 5-1 lead in the ninth. the orioles sent just want representative, particularly galling considering 43 players made the american league roster. this should not take away from that wiener -- matt weiners' appearance. he joins a few teammates in the first half top plays. jj hardy warming into the hearts of baltimore fans quickly.
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a grand slam in tampa back when things were going well. 4-4 against adam jones. derek jeter will tag and score with ease. game 2 the will of the season. markakis began his gold glove campaign early in the season with a spectacular grab. he did not need the extra run, but he will ticket. a walk off to center. number one again from no. 10. he hit what everyone thought was a double, maybe a triple. jones gets all willie mays. the catch of the year? maybe. where do we go from here? what will it take for the orioles to change their seemingly preset destiny to limp home the rest of the way?
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for starters, the starters. zach britton is sitting in the minors when the game plan had him in the majors. you have to give the fans something. buck showalter has to convince his veteran hitters to do what is best for the team, not solely on making themselves marketable to extend careers. if vlad guerrerro and derek lee want to keep playing, they need to show market in value. regarding the nfl walkout, many issues have been put to bed with legalese -- real progress. the main players in the owners get face to face tomorrow with the last big hurdle coming up on the rookie wage scale.
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we continue this story with the jets last season. with that last piece of contention, it becomes logistics. the lawsuit must be settled. a whole lot of signatures must be signed. how long that will take is hard to say. but the lockout could be over by july 21 if they can hammer it through. that would save the regular season, if not most of the preseason. the national league is knocking off the al. [ bailiff ] fee court is now in session.
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>> we are waiting for a break in the heat and humidity. >> we have one more day to get through. the transition occurs in the afternoon with scattered thunderstorms. 91 tomorrow. much cooler thursday, friday, saturday, and sunday. temperatures mid 80's. the lows in the 60's. thursday and friday, much less human. even if we get the humidity level down to "so we are waiting for the back? >> of the cool temperatures. >> i like that thought. >> good night.
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